Platform Projects

Platform Projects collaborates with artists to create, produce, and showcase their work and organizations or institutions to produce programming, collaborate with artists, and connect with their communities. All Platform Projects are customized to the artist, project, or organization to meet their needs and artistic visions. 

Platform Projects aims to produce and facilitate meaningful, political, and socially minded work throughout the world.



Each artist is different. Every project, venue, and objective is different. Taking this into account means that all programs, events, and happenings are individually curated and produced. Conversations between Platform Projects and collaborators are constantly ongoing.

Communication is unique and designed to fit the needs of the artist. Regardless of the approach, Platform Projects is there to help make it happen. 



In the winter of 2017, while standing on the subway platform, anxiously waiting for the train, I was finally able to define my passion. When I am standing on a platform, anywhere in the world, time can slow down, everything is in limbo, and I can get completely lost in my thoughts, anxieties, plans, or goals. You never know what is going to happen while waiting on the platform and that space of endless possibility is something I hope to capture.

The platform helped to to refine my idea that I love to collaborate with artists across disciplines to help them tackle the challenges of producing work beyond the artistic process. A platform, of course, is also a place upon which to speak ideas, demonstrate political agendas, and challenge normative practices. A platform is a space upon which to express yourself and I am committed to helping artists achieve whatever project they have dreamt up. 

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